Hiute ranch park city ut


Aunt Mamie’s visits during my childhood were memorable, first and foremost for the great stories she would tell us about the “olden days”. The visit always ended with her shooting a family portrait using an ancient Brownie box camera (check out this site for a fascinating history of the Brownie). My father, not known for his patience, once asked why it took her so long. Her reply: “This picture will last forever, so it's worth spending a few minutes taking it”.

Many years later I bought my first serious camera, the legendary Nikon FTN. I still have that old Nikon, and Aunt Mamie’s words often echo in my mind whenever I put a camera up to my face.

Over the years I have engaged in pretty much every type of photography: products, model portfolios, portraits, weddings, catalog work - mainly fashion and jewelry - landscapes, wildlife, travel, corporate events, and, most recently, food (yum). If I had to choose only one, it would be portraits because it poses the greatest challenge and offers infinite possibilities with any given subject. Just ask my Aunt Mamie.

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful mountain town of Park City, UT and find inspiration during frequent hikes with my Australian Kelpie, Tucker.